Learn to Grow

We are h³.


We are coaches, facilitators, consultants and adult development practitioners, committed to enabling leaders, teams and organisations to grow through learning. 


We create and hold spaces filled with warmth, dialogue, challenge, knowledge and insight - the perfect conditions for growth. 


We combine art with science, and we engage minds, bodies and souls. Our work is built on a foundation of applied psychology, years of lived leadership experience, creativity and robust commercial practice, and a lifelong passion for making people’s lives and work purposeful and meaningful.


We work best with thoughtful people who are smart enough to know they don’t have all the answers, and who are curious enough to want to find them. 

  • Coaching for transition, performance and personal consciousness

  • 360° Feedback that creates awareness of impact and leads to personal change

  • Team Development that creates healthy, productive teams at all levels

  • Facilitation for effective group connection, learning and decision-making

  • Organisational Consulting that creates rewarding, high-performing culture

  • Development Programmes for the creation of leadership skills that last

Our overlapping service areas



We are experienced executive coaches; we believe that the key to performance is through awareness of self, others and the system in which we function. Our coaching work typically focuses on transition, performance and personal consciousness at all levels of an organisation.


Our coaching has a psychological basis, and we aim to go deeper to effect lasting change.   Alongside individual and team coaching, we often establish coaching programmes to support wider change programmes in organisations, using our strong, diverse partner network.  


We take coaching seriously and ensure that our coaches are accredited through recognised bodies like ICF, EMCC and APECs, and that they undergo regular supervision and continuing professional development. 

Recent examples of our coaching work include:

  • Coaching a recently appointed COO of a large global Telco to help with the transition into role

  • Strengthening leadership capacity by working with leaders in understanding what is helping or hindering them either within themselves, how they are engaging and working through others or how they are considering all the factors in the system.

  • Developing personal growth for Leaders.  This has included helping leaders develop their voice as they move into different roles with more complexity; learning how to engage with others better and not just focused on the 'to do' list and trying to do it all through to achieving better work-life balance by understanding our drives to either try to do more, or do better or by being perfect. 

  • Delivering growth in a business by coaching and working with individuals and coaching teams to meet the challenges within the business and also within themselves

  • Improving partner gender balance by working with internal sponsors and coaching females identified for partnership in a global law firm


360° Feedback

360° feedback can be a powerful exercise for creating awareness and, from that, change. However, without careful thought it can also create anxiety.  


We are expert at guiding clients through the complex choices to land on the best approach for their needs - whether this is a simple interview based stakeholder report, a carefully chosen ‘off the shelf’ tool, or a fully bespoke questionnaire reflecting the values and behaviours the organization really wants to see. 


Between us we have decades of experience in designing and conducting 360°s and have debriefed hundreds of leaders on their results, from CEOs through to first time managers.  


Recent examples of our 360° work include:

  • A bespoke 360° integrated with coaching and workshops designed to develop leaders at  a professional services company

  • Development of a set of leadership principles and accompanying 360° for a manufacturing business wanting to change the way leaders delivered results

  • Stakeholder reports designed to support transition coaching for the transition from manager to manager of managers. 


Team Development

We work with a wide range of teams to help them be more productive together.    At the heart of our work lie two fundamental principles.  First, for a team to be productive it must have common goal and second, for a team to be healthy it needs psychological safety. 

We draw on all of our expertise from consulting, coaching, and facilitation through to mediation and psychotherapy to create bespoke team interventions from management teams through to executive and board level.   

Recent examples of our team development work includes:

  • Working with a large real estate business to help them effect cultural change, combining leadership team coaching, all-hands town halls, and employee engagement workshops

  • Working with a management team to align behind a common goal and create an agreed set of ground rules


We help teams work creatively and productively together towards important tasks or outcomes by designing and facilitating group processes which take them there. 

We believe in the liberating power of structure – from workshop agendas to programmes of interconnected interventions – to engage everyone's heads and hearts in looking to future horizons. We are skilled at facilitating processes which balance purposeful direction, with careful attention to what emerges along the way.

We have designed and facilitated a wide range of processes focussed on outcomes including organizational transformation, strategy development, business process improvement, and complex problem solving. 

Recent examples of our facilitation work includes:

  • Transformation of the global finance function of a magic circle law firm, including interactive surveys, team meetings, workshops and best practice groups

  • Re-configuring the IT support function of a global consumer goods organisation through a series of design workshops and supporting coaching

Organisational Consulting

We help client organisations to create meaningful, lasting and productive change by using our experience as organisational development specialists, coaches and consultants. 

We work with clients and organisations who know they want and need to change, but are not sure how. With our clients we build creative programmes that take a desire for change and make it a reality by removing barriers and igniting desire. 

Our programmes have a strong focus on clear communication, human experience and engaging action; we engage rational heads, emotional hearts and practical hands equally to get results at an individual and organisational level. 

We walk alongside our clients and integrate just enough to be described as a member of the team; and we build lasting self-sufficiency, rather than a dependency on outside support.


Recent examples of our organisational consulting work include:

  • A programme of communication and engagement to successfully and positively move a traditional office-based city business to a more flexible, virtual and agile way of working with a focus on relationships

  • A multi-year programme with a major global law firm to establish a much more aligned, responsive and efficient working culture with their finance team, including listening exercises, establishment of a new governance framework, new behaviours and skills, and a focus on transparent communication, learning and collaboration

  • A company ‘culture hack’ with a telecoms business which guided a group of 12 internal colleagues to define and implement a series of bold cultural experiments designed to improve meetings, feedback, challenge and creativity; with many of them taking root and evolving over a two-year period

Development Programmes

We help individuals develop core leadership skills and amplify their impact on others through development experiences including master-classes, development programmes, and academies.  

Our development programmes ignite and engage; they are built on a solid framework of psychology, research and emotional engagement that effects personal change.  We pride ourselves on building development that sticks.

We deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke programmes  on a range of topics including:

  •  Growth Manager

  • Honest Conversations

  • Influence through awareness

  • Creating a feedback culture

  • Motivation and performance

  • Personal Brand