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Our work

Learn to Grow

Effective leadership, aligned teams and empowering organisations are engines for growth. 

Growth happens where:

  • Leaders harness the power of their curiosity, relationships and resilience to lead and grow organisations in complex, fast-changing contexts 

  • Teams come together and collaborate effectively if they are to learn, adapt and deliver results. 

  • And organisations are places where everyone contributes fully.


We are h³.

We partner with leaders, teams and organisations to create the conditions - and the space - for growth through learning. 

We listen with curiosity to go deeper and understand the systems and dynamics in which you are working. 

From that understanding, we design and implement bespoke solutions that deliver change and growth for individuals, teams and organisations. 

  • Through executive and team coaching, we help you develop your thinking, understanding and approaches

  • through thoughtful leadership development programmes we develop impactful mindsets, skills and behaviours with your managers and leaders

  • and through organisational consulting we help you build the structures and clarity that enable and empower your employees.

What we do


Executive and Team Coaching

Our executive coaching helps leaders and aspiring leaders to achieve their individual and organisational goals with a skilled professional coach.  Our coaches are accredited with the leading industry bodies and are highly experienced.  They have built and managed businesses, grown P&L’s, and, critically, wrestled with many of the issues that our clients are facing. 


We coach one-to-one, in pairs and in teams.


One-to-One Coaching: Our coaching work spans goals related to understanding and mastering:

  • Self:  Self-awareness of personal enablers and blockers, understanding who you want to be as a leader and bringing that into being

  • Team: Working through and with others, and learning how to influence and nurture the the team’s way of being 

  • System: What the system and the world needs, and your role in enabling that to happen


We also have training psychotherapists in the team who can work at a deeper level with individuals in understanding how their emotional and psychological outlook is impacting on them more broadly and in the world of work.


Paired Coaching: Coaching in pairs helps explore and develop a relationship from both sides, to create deeper understanding and an agreed way forward. This might be useful where founders want to agree how to take their business to the next level, or when individuals are in conflict and would benefit from greater perspective-taking to reach agreement .


Team Coaching: We coach whole teams to help them develop real shared clarity on their goals, understand the dynamics at play, resolve issues affecting performance, develop shared clarity around their goals, and agree behaviours and plans together. Challenge and support are key levers for change, and we strike that balance to enable the team to thrive and not just survive. 

Mastery development

Leadership Development Programmes

Our bespoke development programmes help leaders build their core skills, develop their ability to lead people and businesses, and amplify their personal impact.


We construct learning spaces within organisations filled with reflection, challenge, support and valuable resources; and we ignite hearts and engage heads, to instil meaningful personal growth that remains long after the programme concludes, and has real impact on behaviour and results.

  • Our learning experiences range from two-hour online workshops to multi-year development journeys. Throughout our programmes, leaders often establish deep relationships with their colleagues and form aligned peer communities that have the power to transform organisations. 


We have combined coaching, structured virtual and in-person workshops, and peer learning sets to deliver development programmes such as:

  • Growth Manager - a programme for mid and senior managers in fast-growing organisations

  • Influence through Awareness - an emotional intelligence development programme that focuses on interpersonal relationships and impact

  • Honest Conversations - a programme that gives leaders the tools, courage and confidence to have challenging conversations that help create clarity and performance

Organisational Consulting

Coaching & Facilitation

We work with client organisations to create meaningful, lasting and productive team and organisational change. We draw on our extensive personal experience as organisational development specialists, coaches and consultants.  


Our approach is built on three core principles:

  • We work with you to design bespoke solutions that fit with your organisational goals, values and context. We don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to change.

  • We work closely with key individuals and groups to build lasting self-sufficiency, rather than a dependency on outside support. We know that sustainable change is achieved when it is owned by you.

  • We engage thinking heads, feeling hearts and doing hands to get results at an individual, team and organisational level. People are at the heart of every change, so our work has a strong focus on clear communication, human experience and engaging action.

We work with you at all stages of the change process, from helping define the change you want to make, to exploring and mapping how you will get there, and engaging and igniting interest and desire across your teams and organisations.  Our work includes:

  • Designing and facilitating transformative groups processes that enable leadership teams to work creatively and productively together towards important goals and outcomes, and develop sustainable new ways of working together 

  • Leading and supporting cultural change programmes, working in a hands-on way with leaders and internal stakeholders to define the “to be” culture they want to create, assess the “as is”, and develop a practical road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Acting as trusted advisors and mentors to provide guidance, expertise, support and challenge to change leaders, helping them to deliver results by navigating complex change and overcoming blockers. 

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