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Reflecting on book club

We all know reflection is healthy habit and a life-enhancing skill, but in a busy world it can be hard to use the pause button well. So, the h3 book club chose Creating the Reflective Habit, A Practical Guide for Coaches, Mentors and Leaders and were lucky to be joined by its author Michelle Lucas, to bring context and colour to her treasure trove toolkit of reflective practices.

Our interesting conversation ranged across:

  • why the skill of reflection isn't often taught, although it's hard and useful

  • how we can feel lacking if a common technique doesn't work for us - unused journal anyone?

  • the importance of finding types of prompt (cognitive, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, poetry...) which suit you

  • why creative aids to reflection aren't used more in individual and group coaching and leadership programmes

  • the difference between musing and reflecting - it's all about setting an intention to reflect

Thanks, Michelle, for your insights and provocations, and a super resource. We've already put your ideas into action by adding poetry into the mix at our annual retreat and we loved it!


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