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We help people, teams and organisations achieve their potential through meaningful change.

Truly brilliant, surprising things happen when people are willing and able to make meaningful, lasting changes to the way they think, connect and act.


At h³, our life’s work is to help people and organisations to change the way they think with their heads and connect with their hearts, so they achieve new, broader horizons.


We develop thriving people, successful organisations, positive change, and closer communities.

Our Values

Though our individual experiences, perspectives and expertise are many and varied, h³ is bound by a strong set of shared values.

Our clients experience those values when we work with them, and they shine through our decision-making, approach and philosophy.

We challenge with respect, without judgement

•  We shed light on new perspectives and open up new possibilities

•  We create and hold safe spaces where people can stretch and try new things

•  We start with an intent to create positive growth, development and performance

We have a bias for thoughtful action

•  We are excellent travelling companions – we match the pace and direction of our clients

•  Because the world is complex and emergent, we think experimentation and play are vital.

•  We measure our own success by the sustainable performance results we create for our clients. 

We work from the head and the heart 

•  Our work is based on research, expertise and rigour, but it is also human and engaging

•  We apply our years of experience with an open-minded curiosity.

•  Everyone has the potential to develop continuously throughout their whole lives

We believe meaning matters

•  We create transformative, emotional experiences that people connect to personally

•  We help people understand and embrace change; we do change with them, not to them

•  Our work is satisfying and rewarding for us and our clients simultaneously 

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