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Boardroom dynamics - the secret's out (and so is Helen's book)!

We’re beyond excited and proud to share with you the news that h³ founder and director Helen’s book, ‘The Art and Psychology of Board Relationships: the Secret Life of Boards’ is out now, available at all good bookshops, riding high in the bestseller lists and receiving rave reviews. Written with her long-term collaborator Joy Harcup, the book is a practical guide to solving challenging boardroom dynamics, drawing on thinking and helpful frames from neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamics. Helen and Joy have interviewed 40 experienced board members from corporates, the public sector, and charities, and identified seven common challenges and patterns, and identified potentially useful reframes and practical approaches to help people navigate, participate in and transform boards:

  1. Balancing the Seesaw

  2. Negotiating the Standoff

  3. Banishing Bullying

  4. Activating the Rubber Stamp

  5. Descending the Ivory Tower

  6. Harnessing Diversity

  7. Facing up to Doomsday

We recommend Helen’s book to anyone involved in boards, as a stakeholder, member or chair. We’re really proud of Helen’s achievement and we’re looking forward to celebrating the launch of this brilliant work more formally later this month; and if you are interested in exploring your own experience with and involvement in boards, then Helen would be delighted to hear from you.


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