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HCubed 7th Birthday Party

Seven years! Its a great age and we are delighted to be holding our 7th birthday party on the 11th May at the October Gallery

This will also be our opportunity to introduce you to the collaborative project, Conscious Curve. We have been working on Conscious Curve for the past year with our fantastic colleagues and partners, where we are developing processes and fuses to help individuals be fulfilled and thriving in work.

It is also wonderful to be able to present our fifth partner, Andrew Wood to you all as well. Many of you will know Andrew, as he has been a client of HCubed and has now crossed the fence.

Andrew is an expert in organisational effectiveness, culture change and employee engagement, with a background in market research, learning and organisational change with respected and successful global organisations, including Synovate (now Ipsos), Aegis Media, and Pearson Plc. Andrew has worked with businesses in media, telecoms, marketing and education to help them define, discover and implement values, behaviours and performance. His experience combines to give him a deep knowledge of working with employees to discover underlying motivations and create clear, compelling human insights that are easily applied and absorbed. Andrew is a highly experienced group facilitator, analyst, storyteller, and coach.


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