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Helen Hopper - some exciting news!

Helen has a new job!

She has just started as COO/Deputy CEO at The Listening Place, a charity which provides face-to-face support for suicidal people, where she has volunteered for a few years.

You may be aware that suicide is the number one cause of death for men under 50 and for all adults under 35 in the UK. Since TLP began in 2016, they have trained approximately 900 volunteers who in turn offered support to over 10,000 suicidal people. Their approach has been independently evaluated as significantly reducing suicidal thoughts and feelings and distress. Incredibly they have no waiting lists - first contact within 24 hours, first appointment within a week. Supporting each TLP visitor for a year costs the same as an NHS bed for one night. As you might imagine, demand for this kind of support is growing and Helen will be working to scale the service.

She will be gradually transitioning into this role over the rest of the year, but we are delighted that she will also stay closely involved with the h³ community and our client work.

If you would like to find out more about The Listening Place please reach out to Helen – beware she is scouting for volunteers to join her in this vital endeavour.


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