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 Who we are

h³ is a collective of experienced adult development specialists with expertise in organisational and individual change. We are deeply passionate about lifelong learning, we bring leading edge research into our design, and we enable you to take this into action in your organisation.


Over the course of our careers, we have built and managed businesses, grown P&L’s, and, critically, wrestled with the issues that our clients are facing. We all worked together before h³ came into being, as colleagues, clients, partners and coaches – and we are now drawn together by a shared set of values and passions.

We work with the three Hs of h³ to accelerate individuals, teams and organisations to their full potential:

We enable people to use their Heads to make sense of their environments and take good decisions.

We encourage people to use their Hearts in connecting, engaging and inspiring their people.

And we stimulate people to broaden their Horizons by looking up and ahead from different perspectives.

We are thoughtful people with a bias for action.  We base our work on science and research, and integrate that with emotion and human connection. We love collaborating to design experiences and create development that sticks.  We believe in people, and know that when we create safe spaces for exploration and experimentation, people make courageous choices that change them and their organisations. 

Meet the partners

 Shauna McVeigh - Partner

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. The purpose of all of my work is to elevate consciousness to enable better decision-making. I work with leaders and teams in 3 ways:

  • Awareness: I bring deep awareness to teams and leaders based on what is observed, as well what others may be seeing. Shadow behaviours are understood and models and frameworks are played in to help see a different horizon.

  • Appreciation: I help individuals and/or teams understand when behaviours are working well or less well for them. When and how do they get in the way of helping individuals or teams thrive more of the time. Perspective taking and use of head and heart are key transformers to help make shifts.

  • Action: As an action oriented individual, I ensure there are actions to help deepen understanding and/or apply techniques to facilitate real behavioural change.


I like to bring in the new and love reading and applying what I have learnt, with a particular passion for integrating head and heart techniques. I am known for my ability in creating safe places for deep challenge as I work with individuals as a coach, with teams in facilitation and with groups helping them master techniques that will make them personally more effective.


I started my career working at the airport in training, and then in HR, before joining SHL (now Gartner, CEB) as an assessment consultant.  I morphed my role into Development, heading up the Leadership Development Practice at SHL as I realised that I wanted to help individuals be the best version of themselves more of the time.  I co-founded , as a way of helping me have time for my family, my work and myself.


Qualifications in most of the Psychometrics, HPC registered Psychologist, AoDC Diploma in Executive Coaching, ICF member and ACC practitioner in training.


Current clients are in FS, Legal, Energy, Professional Services and Regulation.


M: +44 (0) 7720 350 430

T: +44 (0) 20 3664 7557


M: +44 (0)  7581 519 990

T: +44 (0) 20 3664 7557

My first career was in The City of London with NatWest to Regional Director level, before moving into HR consulting in my mid 30's. This gave me the opportunity to dive deeply into leadership and leadership development and to hone my craft. In the years since I have gained experience in talent management, succession planning, high potential and promotion readiness, and leadership/management development. I have made extensive use of 360, survey and psychometric data to underpin my work. 

For 7 years I was the Global Commercial Director Professional Services for HR firm SHL where I gained extremely valuable experience over the entire contraction/growth period of the economic crisis, before exiting a private fund in 2012. I had P&L accountability and responsibilities including dispersed and central operations, business development, client quality and the customer experience, and consultant CPD, reward and utilisation/targeting. 

The combination of technical coaching skills stemming from as far back as the mid 90's alongside my leadership track record enables me to apply proven coaching techniques in a deeply knowing and practical way, benefiting my clients with insight and perceptive challenge.

I currently work with many clients including Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Direct Line Group, OBG, and Rethink Mental Illness. My coaching practice operates across the entire coaching spectrum from performance improvement through to whole person coaching. I use a strengths based approach that includes a focus on goals, depth and network analysis, alignment with personal and organisational values, resilience and transpersonal impact.

I have designed and led leadership development programmes, and regularly facilitate master classes and seminars relating to areas of personal development. 

Whether I am working 1-2-1 or with groups/teams, my clients tell me that I offer a healthy amount of challenge in completely confidential environments that allow them to fully examine the issues that they bring to a session, such that we walk away with productive steps forward.

 Phil Roberts - Partner


M: +44 (0) 7584 424 445

T: +44 (0) 20 3664 7557

I left Durham University clutching a degree in French, German and Management studies and stumbled into a career in pharmaceutical market research, where I discovered a bit of a knack for telling human stories with data. That knack took me from London to Shanghai, Hong Kong and back again, during which time I led and grew agencies and developed a set of consulting skills.


At some point on that journey, I recognised that I was choosing to spend as much time as possible talking about management and leadership, and realised that what tied it all together was a love of understanding people and helping them to work more effectively together, using a combination of data, art and science. That was my springboard into a career in creative learning, culture, engagement and organisational change.


I’ve held global talent and organisational effectiveness roles at large companies like Synovate, Dentsu Aegis Network, Omnicom and Pearson, where I developed a reputation as someone who approaches problems creatively and flexibly, identifies patterns, and makes complex challenges and issues easier to understand. There’s often a strong data element to my work that comes from my time as a researcher, and I balance science with art - I incorporate qualitative and quantitative data (such as engagement surveys, feedback, and psychometrics) into my work.


I’m an experienced and qualified coach, facilitator and programme designer. I’ve a commitment to lifelong learning through practice, reflection and a healthy appetite for new things. I encourage people to explore their systems, to make sense of them and create new meaning, and then to use that meaning for personal growth and change. I’m appreciatively challenging and respectfully disruptive in the way I work with people. 


My current clients include companies in the finance, technology, media, telecoms and automotive sectors, including large global corporations and tech startups.

 Andrew Wood - Partner

 Helen Hopper - Partner

When I started asking ‘why’ incessantly at the age of three my mother naturally assumed it was a stage I would pass through.  She is still waiting.  I am insatiably curious, some would say downright beaky, about what is going on, why things are the way they are, and what might happen if we pressed that button there, or did the whole thing backwards… I’m known for my enthusiasm, judgement of people and situations, and my ability to connect with and facilitate development of individuals and groups who find themselves in challenging and complex environments.


I began my career as a systems integrator with Accenture, where I found that getting the technology right was the simple part – making systems useful and valuable was far harder.  I moved into change management of large scale programmes in the public and telecoms sectors, with an increasing focus on people and performance.    This led me to head up SHL’s competency design practice group for several years, and then run the assessment division of niche leadership consultancy The Thinking Partnership.  I’m now a Partner of HCubed (originally VHM Consulting) which I co-founded in 2010.


My current clients include Dyson, Freshfields, KPMG, Disguise, Direct Line Group, Sony Pictures, Wales Audit Office, Fox Williams, Ingeus. Mercia Capital Partners.


M: +44 (0) 7971 270 102

T: +44 (0) 20 3664 7557

Our partner organisations

Performance1 are a team of skilled executive coaches, who help to retain and develop top talent, turn around under performing teams and resolve complex people issues.

Inspire have been instrumental in the development and implementation of the next generation of learning tools, Lumina Learning, which combines the best of Jungian profiling with the latest empirical Big 5 research. Inspire designs bespoke programmes that drive organisation’s forward, evolve and engage their workforce and improve performance.

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