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Our work

We help people, teams and organisations achieve their potential through meaningful change.

Truly brilliant, surprising things happen when people are willing and able to make meaningful, lasting changes to the way they think, connect and act.


At h³, our life’s work is to help people and organisations to change the way they think with their heads and connect with their hearts, so they achieve new, broader horizons.


We develop thriving people, successful organisations, positive change, and closer communities.

The work we do with our clients falls into three overlapping areas:

>  Engine

>  Mastery development

>  Coaching and facilitation



Organisations in flow are rewarding, high-performing work at their best when they are in flow. Leaders come to us when they know they want to change their organisations, culture, and people for the better; but are unsure how. Like Engineers, h³ works alongside clients to turn ambition into plans, action and results.

Recent examples of our engine work include:

Mastery development

Mastery development

We help individuals develop critical leadership skills and amplify their individual impact on others through development experiences including workshops, integrated development programmes, and academies.  Our mastery development work ignites and engages; they are built on a solid framework of psychology, research and emotional engagement that effects personal change.  We pride ourselves on building development that sticks. 

Examples of our mastery development includes:

Coaching & Facilitation

Coaching and Facilitation

We are experienced, passionate executive coaches; we believe that the key to performance is through awareness of self, others and the system in which we function. Our coaching work typically focuses on transition, performance and personal consciousness at all levels of an organisation. We often use our partner network when multiple coaches are required. We are creative process facilitators and have worked with organisations in multiple sectors including media, telecoms, tech, consulting, banking and finance to help unblock teams and stimulate the creation of new value, strategy, behaviours and understanding.

Examples of our coaching work includes:

Examples of our facilitation work includes:

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